Introducing the Invite-only Beta program: unlock the power of Theta Pro

Introducing the Invite-only Beta program: unlock the power of Theta Pro

Jul 9, 2023

A look back: our journey so far

Over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to perfect Theta, a new way of building and designing remote design systems in the cloud. With valuable feedback and support from our Closed Beta users, we have created a platform that is perfectly equipped for production. This extraordinary journey has reinforced our mission to provide a tool that offers unprecedented ease and flexibility in design and development.

The next exciting phase: Invite-only Beta program

As we broaden our horizon, we are excited to unveil the next phase of our evolution: the invitation-only Beta program. This phase allows our users to invite their peers into Theta, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels innovation and creativity. This phase represents not only the expansion of our user base, but also the expansion of our thriving creative community.

Deciding on pricing: a challenge met with community support

Establishing the right price is an intriguing journey, full of challenges and discoveries. At Theta, we decided to navigate these waters not alone, but with our user community.

Our Closed Beta users were given a preview of our pricing model, asking them for their suggestions and feedback. This collaborative process allowed us to set the price range for the Pro plan to deliver meaningful value while supporting our commitment to innovation.

We are proud to present a pricing model created together with our user community. This model embodies our belief that Theta is more than just a tool; it is a partner in your creative process, designed to be affordable regardless of financial constraints.

We are launching pricing with two plans:

  • Free - for side projects and tests.

  • Pro - €15 per seat/month, for serious team projects. Can be extended with a usage-based plan, for those who need more resources than those included by default in the plan.

The power unleashed: introducing Theta Pro

Theta Pro introduces a multitude of new features and capabilities, all offered at a predictable price point and flexible to suit your needs. Benefits such as priority assistance, expanded maximum number of calls, and the ability to instantly distribute UI changes across all platforms via APIs allow users to work more efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassles of rebuilding and re-entering the application for every UI change or test; Theta Pro turns these tasks into child's play.

Feature to highlight from the new plan:

  • Unlimited components per project

  • Up to 10k monthly renderings included.

  • Unlimited branches

  • Branch logs to keep track of project history at all times

  • Longer retention of branch backups

And more! See all the details on the pricing page. Theta Pro also provides a pay-as-you-go plan if you need more monthly renderings.

Continued commitment: our robust Free tier

While we are pleased to launch Theta Pro, we remain steadfast in our commitment to offer remarkable value to all our users. We assure you that the Free level remains as powerful as ever, with no reduction in services. The Free level offers up to 1,000 free renderings per month and allows collaboration with up to three team members, making it perfect for individuals, startups, and small teams.

Expanding horizons: Theta Enterprise

For companies wishing to integrate our innovative technology into their operations, we are proud to introduce Theta Enterprise. This premium plan is designed for larger companies and enterprises and promises a high uptime rate for an uninterrupted design and development process. With features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) for efficient access management and customizable functions to meet specific business needs, Theta Enterprise is not just a tool, but a strategic partner.

Feel free to contact our sales.

Join us in this exciting journey

We invite our existing users to partake in this thrilling journey. Reach out to your network, extend invitations to your peers, and let’s transform the way we design and develop, together.

Need an invitation? Ask on Discord or on Twitter using #buildwiththeta.

Full pricing details are available at

We would also love to hear your opinion on current pricing. Please feel free to contact us at

Join us in revolutionizing the landscape of design and development. Let’s shape the future together with Theta. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a significant part of our vibrant community.

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