Theta Pro overview and why it’s the right tool for your design and development team

Theta Pro overview and why it’s the right tool for your design and development team

Jul 13, 2023

With the new "Ankara (0.3)" version, Theta is evolving by introducing features and benefits that will make your work experience even more efficient and effective. Let's explore the reasons why you should consider using Theta for your team, providing an overview of the new features that Theta Pro offers compared to the Free version.

Get started: why Theta?

In today's digital landscape, remote UI / design systems represent a new opportunity for companies to deliver excellent products. With Theta, it is possible to collaborate, automate, and deliver cross-platform experiences that drive growth and ensure customer satisfaction.

By centralizing design systems, Theta ensures consistency and efficiency across projects, eliminating repetitive tasks and freeing teams to focus on creativity and innovation.

Theta enables companies to deliver seamless experiences across multiple platforms. It ensures brand consistency, user familiarity and optimal usability across web, mobile and desktop platforms, avoiding the need to reprogram the design system for each platform. This approach can improve customer satisfaction, strengthen brand identity, and foster company growth. With the ability to send UI updates via API, Theta provides the agility to quickly adapt to market trends and user feedback.

An example of a use case might be an e-commerce company using remote UI on a cross-platform app. Designers and developers collaborate in real time, leveraging centralized design components to ensure consistency and efficiency. The result is a seamless UI across Web, iOS, and Android platforms that drives customer engagement and revenue growth.

About Theta Pro: empower your team

Theta Pro is the premium version of Theta, introduced with the release of Theta Ankara (0.3), offering a range of additional benefits without taking away anything from the free version, which remains fully accessible to all users. Therefore, Theta Pro allows you or your team to enhance performance by working smartly and non-destructively.

Unlimited components per project:

While the Free version gives you access to only 5 components per project, with Theta Pro, you can create an unlimited number of components. This means your team will have the freedom to expand and organize the project according to their needs, without any limitations.

10.000 monthly renderings:

In the Free version, you are limited to 1.000 renderings per month, while Theta Pro offers you 10.000 renderings per month + an usage-based plan of €0.001 for each call. This allows your team to create and view a substantial volume of renderings, providing greater flexibility and the ability to explore the project to the fullest.

Unlimited branches:

In the free version, you only have access to 2 branches (Main branch + 1 additional), but with Theta Pro, there are no limits. You can create an unlimited number of branches to organize and manage your team's work more effectively. Each branch represents a separate development line, allowing developers to work on different features or changes independently, without modifying or disrupting the work already done. Once the branches are created, it is possible to merge them into the Main branch and even restore old branches using the backups available in Theta. Theta Pro also offers better performance in terms of backups, with a retention period of up to 7 days compared to the Free tier's 1-day retention.

Total control of your project:

One of the most powerful features of Theta Pro is the total control over your project and all the activities performed by your team. With logs retained for 7 days, you will have a complete overview of who has performed which activities, when, and how in the past 7 days (as opposed to the Free version, which retains logs for only 1 day).

This feature allows you to track progress, identify any issues, and improve collaboration within the team.

No pauses for your project:

While in the Free version, your project goes into pause mode after 7 days of inactivity and requires intervention to become operational again (rejoin the project and make it public), with Theta Pro, there are no pauses. Your project remains active and accessible at all times, allowing you to work without interruptions and maximize your team's efficiency.

In a nutshell

Theta Pro offers a range of significant advantages for your team. Unlimited components, 10.000 monthly renderings + an usage-based plan of €0.001 for each call, unlimited branches, and total control of your project are just some of the features that Theta Pro brings with it.

Consider upgrading to the Pro version to make the most of your teamwork and improve project management efficiency. Harness the power of Theta Ankara to create, collaborate, and achieve exceptional results with your team.

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